• Discover the benefits of herbs and essential oils

• Discover the benefits of herbs and essential oils


These classes will be held on Saturdays and are open to all members of the community!
We will be updating our calendar with dates and times in June, 2019.

Me and You, kid
FREE - All children must be accompanied by an adult, 1:1 Adult to child ratio
Parents and children learn techniques to promote relaxation and restful sleep

Partner Massage
Couples learn massage techniques and partner stretching

Emotional Manifestations in the Body
Identifying emotional manifestations and how to facilitate release

Introduction to Aromatherapy
$20/person (all supplies included)
Molly’s Top 10 oils, uses and applications -
Make and Take: Sugar Scrubs and Bath Salts

Food as Medicine
Discover how you can use food to keep yourself happy and healthy all year -
Includes 5 recipes for meals that heal

Growing and Harvesting a Medicinal Herb Garden
10 medicinal plants you can grow in your own backyard complete with Materia Medicas for each herb

Herbal Medicine Cabinet: Four Part Series
$80/person (all supplies included)
Part 1: Preparing salves, lotions and herbal compresses
Part 2: Cold and Flu Remedies
Part 3: Healing with Herbal Teas
Part 4: Essential Oils for Radiant Skin